Electrical certificates

Green Electrical & Maintenance Services provides a full range of certified electrical testing and inspection reports to domestic and commercial customers throughout London. The various levels of standard electrical certificates available depend on the work carried out.

Periodic Inspection Report

A Periodic Inspection Report (PIR) is a term used within the electrical installation business. Every London property should have its electrical installation tested and certified periodically, with the frequency depending on the building’s age, use and general condition.

A PIR will reveal if electrical circuits are being overloaded, find potential hazards within the electrical installation, identify defective DIY work highlight any lack of earthing or bonding, and continue to test the fixed wiring of the installation. This includes checking fuse or circuit breaker ratings and testing the RCDs to ensure they trip under fault conditions.

The outcome from the Periodic Inspection Report will establish the overall condition of all of the electrics (a bit like an MOT on a motor vehicle). It will tell you whether it is satisfactory for continued use and will detail any remedial work that might need to be done, graded by importance with a recommended timescale.

Landlord Electrical Safety certificates

f you’re a landlord in London you need to ensure that all electrical appliances and fittings within the property you rent out are safe and that they come up to standard. Landlord electrical safety certificates are not a legal requirement but you could be held liable if any of the electrics within your property cause actual harm to the tenant.

Visual Electrical Inspection

If you’re thinking of buying a house or flat in London, a Visual Electrical Inspection will give you an indication of the state of the electrical system. This report can help you decide whether to purchase the property or whether to negotiate for a discount. It can also save the expense of a full electrical safety certificate and inspection.

For more help and advice about electrical testing and certificates relevant to your London home or rental property, give us a call on 0208 226 4778.

Services Offered

The different types of electrical safety certificates include:

  • Periodic Inspection Report (PIR) and Certificate
  • Electrical Safety Inspections
  • Visual Test Inspections
  • Landlord Electrical Safety Certificates
  • Home Purchaser’s Visual Electrical Inspection
  • Minor Works Certificate
  • Portable Appliance Testing

If there is an installation you would like to enquire about that isn’t mentioned, please call us free on 0208 226 4778.