NICEIC is the UK’s electrical contracting industry’s independent voluntary body for electrical installation matters. It offers industry-leading certification services, Building Regulations Schemes, products and support to electricians and other trades within the construction industry.

NICEIC has been assessing the technical competence of electrical contractors for over 50 years. The organisation aims to protect everyone who uses electricity from unsafe electrical installations in their homes, or places of work and leisure. This is achieved by maintaining a register of over 20,000 electricians that are assessed as complying with the various NICEIC technical and safety standards, codes of practice and Scheme rules.

Assessment covers a representative sample of the electrician’s work, premises, documentation and equipment, as well as the competence of key supervisory staff. Once registered with NICEIC, electricians are re-assessed on a regular basis to ensure continued compliance.

Although enrolment with NICEIC is voluntary, it is regarded as an essential requirement for all competent and conscientious electricians. NICEIC registration demonstrates a contractor’s skills and professionalism – giving customers peace of mind and reassurance.

Benefits of using a NICEIC electrician

There are many benefits of using an electrical contractor registered by NICEIC. The main ones are:

Safety and competence

Using an NICEIC registered electrician ensures that your electrics are installed and maintained safely and correctly.

Compliance with building regulations

Electrician registered to NICEIC Building Regulations Schemes are authorised to self-certify their work without hindrance from Local Authority Building Control -saving you both time and money.

Insurance backed warranty

The NICEIC Insurance Backed Warranty protects consumers by covering work undertaken by electricians registered to the NICEIC Domestic Installer Scheme.

INdependent complaints procedure

NICEIC operates an independent complaints procedure governing the technical standards of electrical installation by its Approved Contractors and Domestic Installers.

Guarantee of Standards Scheme

NICEIC registered electricians are expected to provide a quality service to their customers and to resolve any complaints about the technical standard of their work without additional cost. If not, NICEIC’s Guarantee of Standards Scheme will ensure that remedial work is undertaken by another NICEIC registered electrician – at no cost to the customer.